Dataception unifies data with real time visualization in a single integerated environment, that runs on  any device with platform independence


Easily combine every data source to generate enhanced insights. Stream all of your data into our Designed destination An innovation that applies advanced machine learning to the process of mapping sources of information. Seamlessly integrate API-based data with data mapped by Dataceptions algorithms.


In a constantly changing business, speed is everything. You need to be able to make split-second decisions with confidence based on data coming from multiple sources. Make complex reports that used to take hours to create in minutes. Continuous, automated reporting means cleaner data.


Put your data to work in new ways you never thought possible. You can be confident knowing that: All your data is in one place. You decide which data channels are put together to create the big picture. All you need to use Dataception programme is a system with browser.


 8 years of experience as a Software Professional. During her Tenure at Infosys she successfully implemented projects at various locations of the globe to the scale of 2 billion to 50 Billion. Managed the team size of 750 

Client relationship specialist and domain knowledge thought leader. A strategic planner and deep data analyst having 25 years of management and consultancy experience

An IT technocrat, curious and query specialist. Handling the implementation process of all projects of dataception. He designed special audit method and created noval way of speedy implementation.