Case Study

Automated Verification of application settings via Email



Type of Sector: Manufacturing, Retail & Service.
Date: 13 Apr 2023
Automated Verification of Application Settings via Email


Bot developed by Dataception will help users to verify settings in an application via text from email. This bot will run each morning to check for an email with a specific subject, then verify the settings in a specific program. If the settings are identical, the workflow will send a response email in return. Otherwise, the workflow will terminate silently.

business benefits

This BOT will help various industries like manufacturing, retail and service which deploys manpower to check the application status and monitoring process. Since this BOT runs based on GUI and triggers, once the rules are defined it will never fail to alert the users which results in error free monitoring and enhanced serviceability.



As the result of implementing the BOT in production environment, the dependency on Man power allocated sololely for monitoring the application has been diverted to another productive area, which leads to increase in productivity of overall environment and reduction in manual errors.


Increase In Productivty


Increase Efficiency


Decrease in Errors


Decrease in Documentation