Supply Chain Management

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) transforms supply chain management by automating repetitive tasks such as order processing, inventory tracking, and shipment tracking. RPA streamlines data integration across systems, reduces errors, and enhances real-time visibility. It enables faster decision-making, improves demand forecasting, and ensures efficient inventory management, ultimately driving cost savings and operational excellence in the supply chain.

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Order Processing

RPA can automate the order processing tasks, such as order creation, order confirmation, order tracking, and invoicing. The software bots can extract data from incoming orders, update the inventory management system, generate invoices, and send order status updates to customers.


Inventory Management

RPA can be utilized to automate inventory management processes. The software bots can monitor inventory levels, track stock movement, and generate alerts when the stock reaches a predefined threshold. They can also facilitate automatic reordering of products by interacting with the supplier’s system.

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Supplier Onboarding

RPA can streamline the supplier onboarding process by automating the collection and validation of supplier information, such as legal documents, certifications, and contact details. The bots can extract data from supplier forms, verify the information against predefined criteria, and update the supplier database.


Demand Planning

RPA can support demand planning activities by automating data collection from various sources, such as sales forecasts, historical sales data, and market trends. The software bots can analyze the data, identify patterns, and generate demand forecasts. They can also assist in adjusting inventory levels and production plans based on the demand predictions.


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Shipment Tracking

RPA can automate the tracking of shipments throughout the supply chain. The bots can retrieve shipment information from logistics providers, update the status in real-time, and send notifications to relevant stakeholders. They can also identify any delays or issues and initiate proactive measures to resolve them.

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